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Is any part of the project more than 45m from the road, or have you been told that you need fire suppression due to fire engine access problems?


Which rooms need to be protected by Automist?

All roomsI don't knowPlease refer to the plans

The following room(s)*:

When finished, will there be a log burner, open flame fireplace or similar in the property?

Yes - clearly marked on the plansThere's a fireplace or log burner that isn't shown on the plansNo - nothing like that

In plans you're sending, are there any cooker hobs?

Yes - clearly marked on the plansThere's a cooker hob that isn't shown on the plansNo - because Automist is not required in the kitchen

Who is expected to sign off on the project?

Building Control: Local AuthorityBuilding Control: Approved InspectorFire & rescue, housing officer or HMO licensingThere's no approver: I need it based on a Risk AssessmentNo-one, I just want Automist

What has been agreed with the approver?

I have not yet appointed Building ControlI have not discussed my proposed layout with the approverHe or she has agreed to the use of sprinklersHe or she has agreed to the use of Automist

Which version of Automist do you need?

Automist Smartscan (equivalent to sprinklers)Automist Fixed (mainly for Loft Conversions)I don't know

How far along is your project (in the room(s) that need Automist)?

It's finished and decorated, so I need to minimise disruption and visual impactThere is finishing and decorating to do, so there is a moderate amount of flexibility on where to put cables, hoses and equipmentConstruction work is going on now, so there is still good flexibility on where to put cables, hoses and equipmentConstruction has not yet started, so there is excellent flexibility on where to put cables, hoses and equipment

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