Why Automist?

Why Automist?

To find the answer to this question, we need to look at why a Suppression system is required in the first place.

Please watch this video to see how the Fire spreads in less than 15 seconds! This is called the Flash Over point.

Flash over

When the Flash over happens it makes escaping or surviving almost impossible. 

Notice the speed in which the fire takes hold.

Our Objective here at Vapoumist is Life Safety, and to improve Survivability.   

Heat is released from the fire over time and therefore allows the fire to grow.  In the early stages of a fire heat is released. It will hit a point where the growth is rapid.  The Flash over occurs when the temperature of all the materials in the room are so high, the flammable content in them is evaporating and self igniting

What can we do to protect ourselves from this??

We have several lines of defence against growing potential life-threatening fires.

The Smoke Detection is to alert the occupants to leave the room / building before the Flash over begins. 

Fire Doors and Compartmentation are also used in Fire Safety and these are great defence moves.  

However, what happens when you want an Open Plan space in your property????

This is where Automist comes in.  The Suppression systems are installed to activate before the Flash over occurs.  The system reduces the heat to suppress the fire, taking one element from the fire triangle will in turn extinguish it.  

Whilst this is happening, the Plumis Automist system has been tested that a person can remain (if they are trapped and waiting for evacuation) for 30 minutes within the same room.


How does Plumis Automist compare? 

  Plumis Automist Wall              Based Head             Sprinkler        Ceiling Mounted                      Automist
Activation Method   Heat Alarms along with       Smart Technology           Frangible Bulb           Frangible Bulb
Almost Impossible to activate in error                   Yes                     No                    No
Amount of Water Used Per minute      6 Litres per minute      46 – 60 Litres per                      minute     12 Litres per minute
Can it be stopped Manually                  Yes                    No                   No
CE Marked                  Yes                   Yes                  Yes
Early Activation       Less than 2 Minutes                 3 Minutes      Less than 3 Minutes
Full test including discharge of in service nozzle as part of annual maintenance                  Yes                    No                  No
Installers and Installations Regularly audited and checked by Manufacture                  Yes                    No                  No
LABC Registered Detail for Easier approval from Building Control                  Yes                   Yes                  No
Operation Pressure in Bars                100 bar          0.5 to 12 Bar           Unknown
Materials on display           Brushed Steel            Brass Plated         White plastic
Pressurised static water, with potential for leaks inside ceilings and walls                     No                     Yes                  Yes
Smart Technology                    Yes                       No                   No
Smoke washing (Bring Smoke down to floor level to eliminate spread thought the building)                    Yes                       No                   No
Standard Compliance BS8458      Third Party Verified                    equivalent                      Yes         Manufacturers              declares compliant
Suitable for retrofit installation                   Yes                      No                Yes
Tank Required                    No                    Yes                 No
Temperature for Activation             57 degrees C    57.2 – 73.9 degrees C            57 degrees C
Tested to BS8458 Fire Performance                   Yes                    Yes                  Yes
Water damage worse than Fire Damage                    No                    Yes                   No
Won International Awards for Innovative  Solutions                   Yes                    Yes                   No

The average water mist droplet has a surface area that is 100 times greater than the volume of water released from a sprinkler system, so they offer more effective fire suppression.


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