Installation is a non-intrusive process and can be done at any point in the build or after the building is finished as a retro fit.

Vapourmist solutions offer a range of services to fit all needs.  From a Bronze service right rough to our ‘Turnkey’ Gold service.

Gold Service

Vapourmist Solutions’ Gold service is out to-tier package designed to allow you, the client, to relax and let us take care of it all for you.  If you choose to take the Gold Service option with Vapourmist solutions all the pre-installation work will be carried out by a Vapourmist Technician.  We will arrange for the water supply, electrical supply and the chasing for the hoses to be done.  It is a one stop shop to have the system installed.  Please note we do not make good.

Silver Service

If you choose the Silver Service you or your agents will need to provide various services before Vapourmist Solutions can install and commission your Automist System.  These site requirements are detailed in the pre-installation paperwork that our friendly office team will send to you, covering all angles so you know exactly what needs to be done and when.

Bronze Service

The Bronze service is for the projects where the builders are still on site.  Vapourmist Solutions will work closely with your building team to ensure all the pre-installation work is carried out effectively.  This service is generally for builders who have worked with us before and understand the systems requirements.

After Care

One your installation has been completed and your Automist is commissioned and is already protecting you and your home from fire, you will be issued a manual for the system.  The system will need to be serviced annually to ensure it is running effectively.  It will invalid your warranty if the system is not serviced annually.

The Service will include a Vapourmist Technician attending to activate the system, mimicking a real fire.  Whist the Spray Heads are covered the system will run for a few minutes to ensure its effective.  The system is then drained down and re commissioned.  You will be issued a Certificate to cover the next 12 month.

The Annual Services start at £125.00 +VAT per year.

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