Joe Rolls – Case Study

Joe Rolls – Case Study

Plumis Automist has been installed in this beautiful house to provide an innovative fire safety solution

  • Client:
    Joe Rolls
  • Type of Construction:
    Loft Conversion letting the client have an open plan design without having to install a wall and door.
  • Product Used:
    Plumis Automist Smartscan System
  • Accredited installed:
    Vapourmist Solutions

There is only a small metal plaque on the wall to suggest we have it, and the pump unit is packed away unseen in a cupboard under the stairs.

We have an open plan downstairs layout, and because we were having a loft extension built the latest building regulations dictated we either needed to install some form of fire control system or have the stairwell blocked off by a wall and door. We did not wish to block this off and spoil the layout of the downstairs so we had an Automist misting system put in.

Should a fire occur and the system is activated, it uses less water than a sprinkler system but to the same effect, so that it limits the amount of water damage.

How did Automist Help?

Plumis Automist was used as a compensatory measure to protect the entire open plan area without the need for a traditional Sprinkler system or boxed in plans and fire doors. Vapourmist Solutions were the Accredited installers to design and install the system.


Jo Woodgate

Business Manager